The world as we know it is changing at a fast pace, socio-economic growth and development being the offspring of this change means higher income, improved infrastructure, increased opportunities, globalization and other such positive developments as the outcome of such growth.

In today’s competitive world, every organization is geared towards maximum returns against minimum investment. Productivity and savings generated the gains. The savings are direct or indirect in terms of time and effort of the corporate team.

To channelize all available resources towards the core competency of the business, it is important to have comprehensive corporate service provider that gives dependable Administrative support system. This is where Indus Infra Services Pvt. Ltd. (Indus) fits in. Indus Infra Services provides well-structured administrative solutions for your business under on replace, with zero investment in manpower, time, systems and training by you.


We have customized and enhanced the systems, over the past eight years, to suit the unique requirements of our multiple clients. Clients who have expressed their trust and satisfaction in our total assimilation with their management procedures and in maintaining their confidentiality.


With the growing business activities the company has accommodated more than 450 staff of various cadres with operational and administrative staff. Of these employees almost 10 % are technically & professionally qualified, including Engineering Graduates, Diploma holders, ITI technicians and Ex-service men with 4 to 30 years of experience.

The company is registered under the Indian incorporation Act, in the name and style of Infra Services Pvt. Ltd having its registered office at No.116/1, 3rd floor , Deverachikanahalli Main Road, vijaya Bank Layout, Bilekahalli, Bengaluru – 560 076.